February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

I loathe football.
I love Super Bowl Sunday.

Yes, these two sentiments really do co-exist. While most of America is glued to television sets today, I’m not. While everyone else is in a state of suspended animation, I am free to move around and do anything I want. Years ago, when I lived in Pittsburgh, Albert and I trekked out to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon. The store was oddly quiet. While it was nice to have the store essentially to ourselves, walking around that huge box without seeing other customers was kind of eerie. Until we figured out why no one else was there. It was Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect day to accomplish items on my ever growing to do list. And since my insomnia has had me awake since 4:00, I’m off to a great start. But excuse me a moment, it’s finally a reasonable hour for coffee. Back in a jiffy. Ahhh, that’s better. Where were we? Oh, yes. The to do list. Since 5:00, when I gave up on getting back to sleep, I finished a book, moved stacks of paper off the office floor into actual file folders, answered lingering emails, and - with the input of my fabulous friend Roya (input which was included in one of those pesky, lingering emails) – finally wrote frequently asked questions for my website.

And now, since I’m trying to cut back on time spent at the computer, I think I will attack some UFOs. No, no, not the War of the Worlds type of UFOs, the crafter world type of UFOs – UnFinished Objects. I have plenty to choose from:
Started this ages ago to work out adaptation of lace pattern to accommodate increases. Actually finished and gifted a shawl using this pattern. Lliked it so much I plan to finish this one for myself.

Scarf for the husband in a luxuriously soft 60%wool/30%baby alpaca/10%angora yarn from Classic Elite.

Skinny scarf for myself in a soft wool/cotton blend started about 3 years ago. Maybe four? Surely not five.

Cotton bedside rug, with a few mistakes made while chatting away with house guests on the porch last autumn.
Experimental rug in “yarn” made from retired t-shirts.
“Quick” dishcloth.
Working on patterns for coasters.
Working on a pattern for place mats.

And these are just the knitting projects. So while you’re stuck in front of a loud tv, whether you’re interested in the game or interested in someone who’s interested in the game, think of me listening (quietly) to a Haruki Murakami book on CD while I knit blissfully.

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