February 24, 2012

Taxes Are Taxing

I'm hip deep in tax country. What this means is my office floor is covered with orderly stacks of bills and receipts from the past year and I am reading blogs, looking at knitting patterns, and ordering yarn for my first attempt at a sweater (I'm already nervous about this) in between downloading instructions from the IRS.

I forget from year to year exactly how to categorize my expenses to meet IRS requirements. Perhaps for 2012, I'll turn a new leaf and record my receipts monthly instead of stuffing them in a lovely, partitioned check folder until tax time rolls around. Hmm, I'm already a month behind...

The numbers can wait while I gaze at my kitchen window creatures while more coffee brews.
Above is the giant, benevolent spider at the edge of the horse pasture next door. See it? And below is my favorite little baby bird waiting to be fed. I wonder if he can see yet out of his big, round eye?

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