April 22, 2012


Even with my clumsy stitching (wow, it's hard to sew small pieces), these are pretty darn cute. Thanks to Heather Bailey for the free pattern.

I cut the foot opening a bit longer than indicated on the pattern and added the strap. I fear the strap might have been a design mistake. Under the strap is elastic which I covered on the back side with felt to prevent the synthetic materials from coming in contact with delicate baby skin. This made the straps pretty stiff. Hmm, maybe baby girl will give us a review after she receives these. 


  1. Those are absolutely adorable! You did a great job! I wish you sold those as I would buy a pair :)

    1. Thanks, Victoria.!

      I can't sell them because the pattern is for personal use only. But there is a shop on Etsy with a similar style bootie. LaLaShoes are super cute and well made - no clumsy stitching like me. http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaLaShoes