April 30, 2012

A Little Light Housekeeping

Ahhh. It's refreshing to take care of lingering necessities, isn't it? I've been tying up a bunch of loose ends this past week and it feels great.

Possibly the most exciting finished project is this (pictured here still in process):
Good guess, but it's not a chicken coop. It's a cage for our container garden. We watched all last summer as the bunnies decimated the beans in the landlords' garden plot outside the kitchen window. And then there's the deer. And many other creatures big and small. So the veggies the critters find tasty will grow in the cage while the ones the critters leave alone, like the onions, will stay outside the cage. The best part of the cage, to me, is that all the chicken wire we used on it was sourced from the property. There were bundles of it out in the woods. Some was so rusted that it fell apart like shredded wheat. Along with the piece of plastic coated netting the landlord found in the barn (which we used for the floor of the cage), there was just enough usable chicken wire to complete our project. Yippee.

And we found a bunch of free planters, too. Can't really say we were dumpster diving, more like trash picking. A bunch of food grade 5 gallon and 1 gallon buckets. I love repurposing, especially free stuff. Unlike the planters from the thrift shop (big mistake), this time I washed and sanitized all the future planters with castille soap and vinegar. 

Most of my tidying up this past week was indoors. Over there to the right, I was having trouble keeping links to artists and links to blogs sorted properly. Often they are one and the same thing. Or the artist's site links to their blog so it's not necessary to put both links in the margin. Obviously I've over-thought this whole thing and (yet again) turned a simple list into an overwrought, complicated matter of cataloging. And while studying library science has its appeal, it seems an overly pricey solution to my classification woes. To simplify, I've combined artist links and blog links into one handy-dandy talented folks list. Mr. Dewey might not approve, but it works for me.

It only took a month. (I'm not sure if I'm being sarcastic or or self-congratulatory.) I finally posted a new and, I think, improved profile on Etsy. My initial anxiety was for naught. My wacky dream and Harry the woodpecker were right. Now, all I have to do is remember my own advice and keep in mind that a profile is a living organism and requires updates now and then. Wish me luck.

Been busy hatching a plan for the Counterintuitive Contest. When it's ready to be revealed, I will announce it first to my mailing list (which you can join by clicking here if you are so inclined). A few days later, I will announce it here on the blog, in my Etsy shop, and on Facebook. I'm biting my tongue so I don't spill the beans, but I will tell you that the contest involves free stuff for you. Free Stuff! For You! 

I promised over a month ago that I would have instructions for sale on Etsy to make these place mats.
This is still a lingering task I'm afraid. I need to reshoot the instructional pictures. But my hand model (yeah, that would be me) is such a mess. First, my skin was like 60 grit sandpaper and my nails were horribly split from dry winter weather. Then, as the damage was growing out, gardening season arrived which means dirty, cracked nails and ragged cuticles from digging in the dirt. And now I've got an awful, recurring rash between my fingers that first cropped up years ago and doesn't seem to want to let go. I blame decades of photographic chemicals, food service, and bartending. And then there's the usual cuts and scrapes that seem to conjure themselves out of thin air. Hmm, knitting in gloves?

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