May 5, 2012

Super Crafty Thank You

I'm just back from volunteering at Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati. So many talented vendors. Inspiring and happy warm making. Makes my heart sing. (Oh, no. Not like that Wild Thing song. Sorry if it is now going through your head, too.) I had a lot of fun helping schlep everyone's crafty wares and display items into the Clifton Cultural Arts Center before opening time and then manning the welcome table with Abby Langdon of abbydid. By the way, volunteering to help set up is a fantastic way to get a sneak preview of the crafty offerings before things get crowded. 

As a thank you to volunteers, we each got a swag bag of free goodies. Thank you to everyone who generously donated swag. Holy heck. Look at all the good stuff I got:

And special super thanks to the organizers of Crafty Supermarket, Grace, & Chris,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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