May 1, 2012

Turbulent Skies & Summer Standby

With temperatures in the eighties again, I was moved yesterday to make one of my summer standby recipes. Lentil salad. It's never been the same twice. As long as I have lentils in the cupboard, anything I have on hand gets mixed into the salad.
This time around it's red and brown lentils with diced red pepper, red onion, celery, and fresh parsley. And because I wanted to eat it immediately, rather than let it sit overnight for the flavors to marinate, I heated the dressing. First, I dry toasted mustard seeds and ground cumin until the aromas were wonderfully strong. Then, I turned down the heat, added olive oil and minced garlic, and warmed it until the garlic was lightly browned. I let the oil mixture cool a bit before mixing it into the salad. To finish, it was topped with chopped tangerines and feta cheese. Oh so yummy.

And a good thing to have left over in the fridge for tonight while we were under severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. When the power goes out, we loose use of the range and running water. So far, so good. Nothing other than heavy rains and tremendous thunder. And this sight over the field of winter rye.

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