June 27, 2012

How To: Paper Ornaments

I think these paper ornaments look quite complicated (more pictures here), especially when they twirl around in the hot summer breeze. They are actually easy to make as long as you have a sharp x-acto knife and a bit of patience. I was planning to write a tutorial for you. And then I regained my senses. There's tons of great tutorials already out there on the handy-dandy internet. How do you think I figured out how to make these ornaments in the first place?

You can find instructions on one of my new favorite, recently discovered blogs, How About Orange. The paper ornaments pictured above are each a single section of the snowflake in Jessica's tutorial.

I recommend taking some time to explore How About Orange. It's a fantastic resource for all things crafty and creative. Even the FAQ page is entertaining. My favorite: "Q. Why do you like orange so much? A. Because it's the best color. This should be apparent to anyone with eyeballs." I couldn't agree more.

Another tutorial for the same style paper snowflake can be found on the blog passengers on a little spaceship. Dionne's construction method involves folding the paper before marking and cutting, which saves some time and effort. I also prefer to use glue to adhere the curled paper points together as she recommends, rather than tape.

If neither of these tutorials makes sense to you, a little internet searching effort will turn up other instructions for this project. Alternatively, if you like these ornaments but have no interest in making them, keep an eye on my shop. Once I figure out how to package them for safe shipping, I will have ornaments made with pages from dumpter rescued books available for purchase.

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