June 22, 2012

So Many Ideas...

No, I didn't make these. They are papier mâché sculptures on the West Elm website, seen here. I've been saving all the tiny scraps of paper left over from turning discarded book pages into tags, ornaments (see some examples in the previous 2 posts), boxes, garlands with the idea to turn the scraps into pulp for papier mâché. I like the idea of utilizing every little bit of these unwanted books. I just happened to stumble upon these animals. Original retail price $79 - $199, now on sale for $67 - $169. These are handmade entirely with recycled materials by Haitian artists.
Also over there on the West Elm website is this jute rug, seen here. I'd like to figure out how to make something like this. It doesn't appear all that complicated, but it's hard to parse the construction from just this picture. One of these days (years) I will pull my loom out of the closet where it resides and learn how to weave.
I think this one, also from West Elm, would make a wonderful texture for a knit rug. After I get my act together and make the instructional pattern for my jute placemats (at the bottom of the linked post), this will be my next pattern challenge.
Speaking of patterns, I forgot to mention that you can find a free knitting pattern on my website for Catbird Coasters. You'll find this picture on the bottom right of the home page. Click here to visit the website, then click the picture on the website to download a PDF of the pattern. (The picture above is not clickable because I don't know how to do the coding on this blog to make the PDF download automatically - without having to right click and save the file or whatever keystroke+click is required from Mac users. Over on the website, all it takes is one easy click. Fair warning, it's a pretty big file, 1.3MB. I'll see if I can make it smaller.) 

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