June 29, 2012

Too Hot for Thought

Oh, it's hot. Sluggishly hot. Pricing Primer Part 2 is just going to have to wait. It's too hot to think. Overhaul of the website is just going to have to wait. It's too hot for websites. Seriously, my web host lost power due to overload on the system which means no access to website.

I can't remember the last time it rained. In Durham (NC) we could access daily updates on the days of municipal water remaining in the reservoirs. Here in dry, dry Ohio we have a well an no way of knowing how much water is left in that well. We are capturing as much household water to reuse on the gardens as we possibly can. Even still, the garden is on a strict ration. 
The cilantro bolted in the heat.
But I'm continuing to tend it for the coriander seeds.
Except for one plant kept back for seeds, I pulled up all the sweet basil to make pesto last night.
The zucchini doesn't seem bothered by the heat. Or maybe it is - it's making tons of flowers but no squash.
RIP broccoli. I surrendered the cabbage worm war. One good thing, the Swiss cheese-like plants are keeping the cabbage moths away from the chard.
Which has already produced 2 harvests.
And made delicious beans and greens.


  1. Must be frustrating, though maybe it's too hot to even feel frustrated.

    Maybe plant more chard next year? I had a couple of chard plants a while back (someone's surplus plants picked up cheap) and was surprised how robust they were, even surviving a winter.

    1. We finally got some rain, so even though it is still hot, the plants are happier.

      More chard is a great idea. I love chard and the husband will tolerate it. Don't know if it will overwinter here, but it's worth a try. Thanks!