July 17, 2012

Empty Nest & Cobwebs

 Baby birds (wrens?) sitting on the window box of Thai peppers.
 Peering down at brothers & sisters rustling about in the border garden.
Sweet little tufts of white baby feathers stick up from its head.

Shot through a window screen, these pictures are a bit soft, but oh so sweet. "Our" second round of babies nested in one of two boxes on the porch have flown the coop. 

The incessant heat has filled my head with cobwebs and my limbs with lead. I long for a nice, crisp, invigorating 20 degree winter day. In the meantime, I am attempting to clear my head and banish my stupor by cleaning the house. Short bursts of sweat drenching work rewarded by reading another chapter in my current book. 

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