July 30, 2012

Mystery Market & Secret Squash

The first half of last week we hosted house guests and then I finished out the week as a house guest myself. I feel rejuvenated and ready to buckle down to some serious work. Which is convenient since Roya and I are participating in an artists' market mid-September (a mere 46 days from now - eek). About which we know absolutely nothing (double-eek). Is it inside or outside? Do we need a tent? Will a table be provided? Chairs? Will there be wireless to accommodate credit card transactions? Is there a cash machine nearby? Speaking of nearby, where is this market located? How many people are expected to attend? Luckily, the important thing to focus on is making stuff. And then pricing it. 

Speaking of rejuvenated, it's still pretty darn dry here on the farm (cutting the grass last night was a dusty affair) but it must have rained a bunch in my absence. Just look at the monster proportions of the volunteer squash plant that magically emerged from our compost pile. It has completely taken over the left side of the bin and already has at least half a dozen squash growing on the vines. We're guessing it's either patty pan or acorn squash. Statistics are on the side of acorn.

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