July 5, 2012

Thanks for the Flashback

While in art school I spent some time making increasingly large and intricate cut paper collages. I would kneel on the floor, lean over my self-healing mat, and cut and adhere tiny pieces of paper for 10 hours at a stretch. My poor roommate would return from her studio to find a woozy me in an apartment reeking of rubber cement. None of those pieces survive today. Over time, the adhesive broke down and the collages fell apart.

Making these thank you cards with hand cut, discarded paper reminded me of those collages and the x-acto knife induced finger cramps that temporarily disfigured my right hand into a claw. I've since graduated from the floor to the kitchen table; the 5th or so generation cutting mat; and permanent, odor-free, double-sided adhesive. Still using the same, cramp inducing x-acto knife, though.

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