August 16, 2012

Craft Show Display

Is it backwards to make a craft display before making the crafts themselves?
This dusty, little case was picked up at the curb from amongst a bunch of house clearing items left free for the taking (also scored several embroidery hoops and knitting needles).
Except for the dust, it's clean and in fairly good condition. The lining, however, is simply hideous.
It's a padded, plastic coated nightmare, not unlike a waterproof (water? I'm not in second grade reading group anymore so I'll say it - Pee pee proof) mattress pad.
The lining must be replaced. A little yellow to go with the blue exterior?
Or how about textured blue and green stripes that I have no idea what to use for otherwise?
Removing the hideous lining is easier than I thought it would be. The sides are merely stapled in place. 
The top and bottom were glued to the cardboard interior. The adhesive had pretty much broken down, making it a snap to rip out the mattress pad / lining fabric.
Ready for a new lining. Rather than glue my fabric to the case itself, I decided to make an insert out of matboard. I'll glue my fabric to the insert and anchor the insert to the interior of the case with velcro. This way I can easily remove the insert when I feel like changing the lining. (Really, it's a hang over from archival picture framing. Never do anything that can't be reversed without damage.)
The interior space is irregularly shaped. This is tracing paper smoothed into the bottom of the case.
I used a permanent marker to draw around the edges of the case's interior while the tracing paper was in place.
One pattern for the lid of the case and one for the bottom. They're similar but not identical shapes.
Pattern taped to the matboard while cutting out the insert. I used matboard because I have a box of scraps on hand. Chip board or corrugated cardboard would probably work just a s well. 
Case with the lid and bottom inserts in place. Which is as far as I got.

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