August 29, 2012

Reuse Obsession: Wine Bottles

While I'm beginning to get a little nervous about being ready for the artisan market September 14, my mind is fixated on glass bottle upcycling. If you follow Odd Bird Studio on Facebook, you know of this recent obsession of mine.

Add some interest to your fairy lights. Sections of the string lights are pushed into the mounted bottles through the necks. Photo by Dalboz17 on Flickr.

Turn your empties into tiki torches or oil lamps. Find how to instructions (and photo source) at Geradot & Co.

For you true winos with A LOT of empties piling up, consider building a house. Photo source: Pace Butler Corporation.

Flip your bottles upside down and bury the necks in the soil to create garden borders. If you use bottles as an edging between lawn and garden, be careful not to throw debris when mowing or weed whacking. It'd be a shame to shatter part of your creation. Then again, it would necessitate drinking more wine to replace the broken bottles... Photo source: ReadyMade.

While you're out in the garden, attract hummingbirds with a feeder made from an empty glass bottle. Find this idea and basic instructions at Crafting a Green World.

Wrap your bottles with yarn or string for some visual interest. All you need is a little time, patience, string, and glue. And a glass of wine wouldn't hurt. Photo and instructions can be found at Ella Lane's Creative Blog.

Or skip the fuss and simply remove the label for a pretty, light catching vase.

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