August 3, 2012

The Squanderer

You know the 1961 Dion song that goes " 'cause I'm a wanderer, yeah I'm a wanderer, I roam around around around around?" I've been constantly singing it to myself these past few days with a minor change, " 'cause I'm a squanderer, yeah I'm a squanderer, I waste my time my time my time..."

Honestly, is there a school where procrastinators like me can learn to make the most of every minute? Or is that more along the lines of personal development and better aided through therapy? With my first ever participation in an artist's market coming up September 14, I had every intention to spend all week in the studio making stuff for the market. First tidying it up and then cranking out Trinket Keepers. --Oh, good news. I don't need to redesign the keeper. Roya tested it out more and found a way to secure it closed that works just as intended. Yippee for tenacious friends. -- Well, I blinked and it's now 4:45 pm Thursday and I have yet to set foot in the studio this week. 

(Have you ever noticed how fantastic food tastes when you haven't showered yet and forget to eat lunch until 4:30 in the afternoon? Just curious. The cheese, hummus, and sesame crackers I just finished were amazing.)

I think I need to list what I have done this week in order to make myself feel better.
1. Caught up on 5 loads of laundry after a leisurely week last week hosting in-laws and then visiting friends.
2. Ditto on grocery shopping and yard/garden work.
3. Cooked and baked all food in house in need of immediate use. (By the way, Georgia peach and NW cherry crisp makes for a delicious breakfast when topped with plain yogurt.)
4. Spent a day researching DSLRs before placing an order. **Yay! This is an Odd Bird Studio related task**
5. Spent most of an entire day researching ways to make Odd Bird Studio labels for fabric wares. Just placed an order with an Etsy vendor for a custom stamp of my own design (which is how I wound up not eating lunch until 4:30, good gawd computer design takes me forever). I hope the stamp will print clearly enough on fabric to make sew on tags. **Whoo-hoo! Another Odd Bird Studio related task completed, albeit one I never realized should have been on my to do list**
Right, those were the big time consumers this week. Oh, and reading about 600 pages to finish a monster sized book. I guess I haven't squandered my time all that much. But it sure feels like it. And I'm not optimistic that I can continue to keep my resolve much longer to not delve into my latest craft porn purchases until after the market.

Deborah Chandler
Interweave Press

With just a quick flip through, I think this one book may be enough to teach me to use my loom properly. Heck, I'll be happy with simply learning the parts of my loom.

Leslie Ann Bestor
Storey Publishing

Fifty-four ways to cast on and bind off knitting projects. 54! Fifty. Four. Who knew there were that many?

Maya Donenfeld
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

I'm glad this book has a sturdy spiral binding. I anticipate it is going to get a full workout. I had plans to make wares similar to many of the projects in this beautiful book. I'm pleased to have a guide for making them rather than reinventing the wheel, so to speak. 

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