September 26, 2012

Hello Autumn

Autumn has arrived here in SW Ohio. I love the crisp air and cold nights. And the colors. Oh, the colors of autumn are magical. Along the porch railing, the Hubbers lined up all the little gourds I harvested off our volunteer vine that sprouted from the compost heap. They make me smile every time I see them. They've been there for over a week, but, somehow, my goldfish brain is pleasantly surprised each and every time I chance upon them. 

Next to the last post visible at the left of the 2nd photo are a couple of monkey balls, aka hedge apples, aka osage oranges. I think they look like little green brains. Or cauliflower. Once they start falling from the trees, the Hubbers plans to collect a bunch to add to his porch railing display, interspersing them amongst the gourds. Ah, my two favorite colors, orange and green.

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