September 10, 2012


It worked! Pseudo-assembly line methods cut the time it takes to make a trinket keeper nearly in half. These 8 keepers took an hour and 15 minutes each.  
And they look pretty OK displayed in the refinished suitcase, if I do say so myself. My time improvements were helped by the fact that the Hubbers was away at a work thing in the sticks of Pennsylvania for the weekend. The only distractions I faced were self-induced. Extra bonus, the fridge was serendipitously stocked with leftovers. No extra time away from craft show prep to cook meals.
Leftovers from two previous meals combined to make cilantro lime rice topped with ginger glazed peppers and napa cabbage and spicy baked tofu. The tofu recipe is from Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers.
The other leftovers from the cilantro lime rice meal were these char grilled veggies (onion, bell pepper, zucchini). Just the right amount left to make an open faced sandwich with lime infused Gouda, which itself, was leftover from a wine and cheese night.
Beans and greens (or should I say pinks? the ribs from the Swiss chard colored the white beans) originally made as a pizza topping were perfect with crostini (made with French bread left from wine and cheese night) topped with broiled parmesan.

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