September 14, 2012

Newspaper Yarn!

While I am away in California, not the state, the town in Pennsylvania, at the artisans market in the Convocation Center at CalU, I bring to you my latest paper re-use discovery: newspaper yarn. This appeals to me in so many ways. 1.) Newspaper yarn re-uses paper rather than consuming energy to recycle it. 2.) I love the tactility of it. I'm the girl at the art museum who always wants to touch things to feel the texture. I know better, but my close scrutiny does make the guards nervous. 3.) I want to learn to spin fiber. What better way to learn than with free newspaper? 4.) Newspaper yarn is simple and surprisingly beautiful.

I discovered this tantalizing picture on a facebook post by ReUse Connection...
...which led to the original post at Studio Greetje van Tiem and this adorable doggie whose nose is made from newspaper yarn.
Naturally, this all led to a "newspaper yarn" google search which led to a couple of newspaper yarn tutorials. Take your pick.

Photo tutorial with written instructions at greenUPGRADER

Video tutorial by Vickie Howell on YouTube

Enjoy your weekend. I look forward to sharing photos of Odd Bird Studio's artisans market debut with you early next week.

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