October 31, 2012

Goodbye October

I admit it. I'm not big on Halloween. If you enjoy it, a happy Halloween to you. This last day of October finds me looking for a stamp so I can mail the rent check and reflecting on the past month. I recall a lot of overcast, damp days and a short week of incredible Indian summer. Many spectacular sunsets lit the low clouds by turns fiery, intense oranges and smokey, soft lavenders. Lots of gusty winds from the North kept me awake and restless and blew most of the leaves off the trees. And I spotted the first snow of the season yesterday. Maybe "snow" is a generous description. Fluffy rain? 

The pictures above were made on a drizzly, overcast day earlier this month in the graveyard at Hopewell Church, part of the Underground Railroad. My favorite part of the church grounds is the old stone wall that separates it from the road. It gives a snaggle-toothed, higgledy-piggledy impression, but, really, each stone is fitted tightly and securely in place. The photos below show incredible late afternoon light, gilding the leaves that have since blown away.

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