October 17, 2012

New Goal

I started Odd Bird Studio with my eyes wide open. I knew (and know) that there would be many challenges. But here's one I never expected. Disorganization. Me? Disorganized? This is so out of character I'm flummoxed. The disorganized evidence stares me in the face every day, yet it is a constant surprise. I wake up in the morning ready to get busy in the studio (OK, OK, after 2 cups of coffee I'm ready to work) only to be faced with a disaster zone. Nothing stifles my creativity and drive to make stuff more than a mess. So what gives?

Goal #1 for Odd Bird Studio: At the end of a working session, leave the studio ready for the next project. 

Goal #0.5: Tidy up the studio to make way for a waste paper garland project.

Goal #0.75: Make garland.

Repeat  goal #1.
 10:00 AM
 10:20 AM
 10:40 AM
 10:50 AM - Goal 0.5 complete!
Elevenses (personal rewards are necessary)

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