November 2, 2012

In Progress: November 2

Folded pages from obsolete reference books make biblio blossoms.
Hemp twine sandwiched & glued between 2 biblio blossoms to form a garland for the Art Shop Artists's Showcase at Oxford Lane Library, on display through November 30. Thank goodness I have a large bag of clothes pins.
Cream cheese dreams, ready for the oven,  are my contribution to the refreshments table at the Artists' Showcase demonstrations at Oxford Lane Library tomorrow from 10 - 2.
Beth Orton, Beatrice & beer. Listening to Beth Orton while sewing on Beatrice (she works better when I call her by name) and drinking a Hop Devil. In progress card wallets to stock Art Shop. Two pockets are sized to hold business cards, credit cards & ID, or standard gift cards. Each wallet folds in half and closes securely with an elastic strap. See finished ones here.
Cutting out-dated Art Shop promotional bookmarks into strips to use during my demonstration tomorrow. Decorations made with paper strips. Just what kind of decorations exactly remains to be determined.
Sustenance. Grilled maple apple brie sandwiches on whole wheat sourdough. Gosh,  I'm hungry.

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