November 19, 2012

Weekend Listening

After volunteering and doing a little holiday shopping at Crafty Supermarket this past Saturday, I came home and listened to an audiobook while knitting stars. You can download the free pattern, designed by Kirsten Hipsky, at the Webs website.
Then, because I needed the space in the closet, which was full of the body bag of dried catnip, I processed the catnip while listening to Sunday's NPR lineup. I attacked the mountain of catnip through Prairie Home Companion and Car Talk. As Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me rolled around, the mountain transformed into a tumbleweed. See?
And I had a couple of highly suspicious looking piles of dried herbs on my living room floor.
Which, in all innocence, became these two highly suspicious looking ziplock bags of dried herbs on my living room sofa.
When I took the tumbleweed of catnip stems out to the compost pile, I noticed my sleeve cuffs. Uh, note to self, do not wear fleece shirt with the texture of velcro the next time you process dried herbs.

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