December 8, 2012


§ Secret pockets of melted butter awaiting discovery in my steel cut oats.

◊ A floating column of tree bark, hanging in the air, stretching to the sky along a woodland trail. 

A magical optical illusion produced when a vine choked tree toppled over. One vine remained air borne, attached at its tippy top to a neighboring tree. The bark from the fallen tree in which the vine was embedded tore away from the tree, remaining attached to the floating vine. From certain angles the vine itself is invisible, all to be seen is the hovering pieces of bark.

§ Rapidly changing watercolor washes of intense oranges and violets in the early morning sky.

◊ Teasing out the huge palette of colors in tree trunks from what, at first look, appeared to be a monochromatic, grey, uninspiring walk in the forest. Walking east on an overcast day with brief glimmers of setting sun at my back. The grey trees revealed a staggering array of pink, rose, mauve, lavender, periwinkle, pale aqua, & delicate sage. The seemingly dull woods became an enchanted forest in the blink of an eye.

§ Counting 9 cardinals in the bare tree closest to the bird feeder.

◊ Feeling marooned, yet cozy, inside the house which is engulfed in impenetrable banks of fog.

§ Discovering a tabletop Xmas tree doubles as a penguin hat.

What delighted you this week?

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