December 10, 2012


Look what I rediscovered in my closet. It's a handmade (by unknown hands) apron, smock, thing. It's been in my various closets for at least a decade. I've never worn it. I remember buying it super cheap - we're talkin' less than 50¢ - at Goodwill or a rummage sale. And I remember thinking that it was lunch lady odd enough that I just might wear it someday. That day has come.
Besides the cheery color combo, my favorite part is the striped floral fabric embellishments at the top of each patch pocket. Those two little pieces of fabric make the smock, apron, thingie special. 
The button closure at the neckline on the back of the smock - yes, I've settled on calling it a smock - is reinforced with an extra layer of fabric. So even though it's missing a button, there aren't any stress tears at the closure. 
 Heavy duty black thread and a perfectly sized black button from the sewing box.
And, voila. A slightly odd smock that suits me and this dreary, overcast, windy, raw day just fine.

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