January 23, 2013

Done, Done, (Almost) Done

Wheeeee. The shawl is coming along nicely. Almost done, I think. I find it hard to judge how large it needs to be, but I believe less than 10 more rows should do it. And, finally, a happy stack of finished (ie ends woven in) dishcloths and one wild stripey scarf for myself, thank you very much, at least 5 (uh, probably more like 7) years in the making. Not pictured is the completed elongated chevron ribbed scarf for the Hubbers cuz it's darn cold out and he wore it to work. Who am I to argue with a male of the species when he actually dresses appropriately for the weather? When I get it off his neck long enough to take pictures, I hope to make PDF instructions (dependent on being able to recreate the pattern that isn't written down anywhere) for you to download from the shop

Declutterfication update: Feel good progress on weaving in the ends of all finished knits in the project basket. Now, off to the bank to turn in all our mortgage application paperwork, financial documents, and purchase agreement. (EEE-GADS!) Seeing that in print makes it look rather ho-hum, matter-of-fact. I feel anything but. This has been open, uncertain, and frustratingly mysterious business since mid-November. Even though there are still a couple of lingering loose ends, I'm hoping I leave the tension in my shoulders at the bank along with the giant stack of papers.

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