January 16, 2013

New Old Tradition

The Hubbers gave our bare Xmas tree a severe hair cut last night. The resulting Xmas stick looks like a clumsily shaved, grizzled old face with tufts of wiry whiskers sprouting out here and there. The branches and needles are bundled into a old sheet awaiting further cutting. The trunk of the tree will also be cut into smaller lengths. Why? To reestablish a tradition from Jon's childhood. Use last year's Xmas tree to start the wood stove on the following year's Xmas morning. 

Needless to say, I love reusing every part of the tree. And I am happily anticipating the wintry, sappy (from the tree pitch, not as in cloying/twee/corny) aroma permeating the house next winter. Not least of which is giddy anticipation of purchasing a house between now and then and finally having a wood stove to use. Plus, I've been wanting to create our own traditions to mark milestones, celebrate the seasons, and deepen our enjoyment of the holidays we observe. Since we tend to visit family for Christmas, perhaps the wood stove ritual will become a solstice observance. 

What traditions or rituals do you enjoy?

Declutterfication update: See tree above.

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