February 4, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Books in the early morning sun. Hauled on the bus from Pittsburgh by Albert. Opened excitedly by me with coffee in hand. Have you heard about a new library somewhere in the US that will be completely bookless? Computers & readers only. That makes me sad. Books are wonderful objects and companions.
Tomato-free (I despise tomatoes) mango-apple salsa whipped up by Albert and devoured by the three of us while Albert made the rest of dinner.
The Hubbers shared his Xmas gift certificate scores with all of us; BIG beers from the local gourmet shop. 
Does this have a name? It's a lasagne of sorts. Layers of roasted vegetables, black beans, kale, corn tortillas, sour cream, queso fresco. Delicious!
Other than eating, my one contribution to dinner was making a cilantro lime vinaigrette for the salad.
Leftovers for dinner tonight. YES!

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