February 6, 2013

Crotchety Crochet

It's not pretty. It may not be executed properly. But it is a start and that's what's important.

A book in my mailbox was the final push I needed to tackle this new skill. Along with a sewing book, Knitter's Lib: Learn to Knit, Crochet, and Free Yourself from Pattern Dependency by Lena Maikon arrived last week as a birthday gift from my in-laws. Thanks Rose & Chuck! The "free yourself from pattern dependency," is what got me. I've been seeing more and more examples of free-form crochet that are simply stunning. Here's just a few. I am particularly fond of the ones that resemble sea creatures or look vaguely like medical diagrams. I need to know how to make my own. 

Step 1: pick up some yarn & a crochet hook. 
Step 2: practice, practice, practice. 
Step 3: through practice, figure out how to hold everything comfortably and maintain consistent tension. 
Step 4: practice.

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