February 15, 2013

Dreams of Home Sweet Home

Given the nature of my personality and the size of the job ahead of us, I am completely consumed by home improvement. Dreams, imaginings, research, shopping, sourcing, planning, pricing, re-imagining (lots of re-imagining), labor, demolition, tossing, re-selling, scraping, sanding... I am living, eating, and dreaming home improvements. Literally. Yesterday's lunch was a banana tucked in a rag in my tool bucket. Last night I had a convoluted dream about home renovation and yard work. I don't know whose home it was, but she kept us busy.

Our biggest project, planning, labor, and price-wise, is this here kitchen. This is the long view into the kitchen, taken with my back to the fireplace. The glowing window on the back wall has swinging doors in front of it that close it off from the kitchen.
This shot is taken from the side of the eat in area. Directly in front of that protruding cabinet on the right is the doorway to the front hall. Yes, I have walked into the cabinet more than once. The hook-ups for the fridge are to the left of said cabinet. Next to the little bit of countertop on the right is a small pantry closet.
Here is the room blocked off at the back of the kitchen, behind the wall with the stove and microwave. It's supposed to be a laundry room. The hook-ups are to the right of this shot. Installing the actual appliances would cover the bottom of the window to the right and protrude at least a foot into the doorway, essentially blocking access to the room.  
Looking back at the fireplace from the "laundry room."
First thing is to remove the wall between the current kitchen and laundry room to open up the space and  allow the sunlight from the 2 laundry room windows to enter the kitchen. Then it's plan the new layout. This is how we do it Loyal Luddite style, graph paper and cut-outs. This is about the 100th layout we've come up with. Still not entirely sure about it. Perhaps pricing it out will offer some insight?

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