February 20, 2013

The Softer Side of DIY

Remember the quest for the perfect chair? Well, this just might be it! It swivels, it rocks, it fits my 5'2" frame - not an insignificant feat given the oversized and overly deep upholstered pieces that have been the norm for years - and it was only $49. Huzzah!

When I looked online at the "new" pieces at Sassy Seconds, a consignment shop in Richmond, Indiana, there was a pair of these chairs pictured. Given they proved comfortable and didn't harbor any weird smells, I imagined the pair cozied up in front of our fireplace in our new house. 

When I finally made it to the shop (through sun, rain, blinding snow, AND hail - seriously strange weather in the course of a 30 minute drive!), there was only one chair left. Which is just as well. The Hubbers is much bigger than me. A chair that fits me won't fit him. So much for a matched set. However, this diminutive chair is just perfect for reading, knitting, struggling with crochet... See how tiny it looks next to the wing back?
The chair is incredibly clean, but the pale peach and cream striated upholstery doesn't do it for me. I'm thinking slip cover. I've never made a slip cover, but that won't stop me. Engineering it to fit the shape of the chair can't be all that hard, right? What is it, measure once, cut twice?

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