March 9, 2013

Leu Gardens

The calendar says today is tax day. Which means it's the day I chain myself to my desk and wade through a year's worth of un-filed receipts, bills, and papers that should have been shredded ages ago. That's almost incentive enough to go sand the sand paint off the walls at the house despite the sinus infection I've had for the past month. Yes, I wear a respirator when sanding, but trust me, paint dust is insidious. And anyway, tomorrow is house day. Today is tax day. I repeat, today is tax day.

But first, a little computer clean up. These pictures were made several Novembers ago at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando. I'm fascinated by the different growth structures of plants and trees. You can learn a lot about the structure of a plant by drawing it. My lazy way is to photograph it. But to really "see" something, drawing it is a fantastic exercise. Add drawing to my list of skills to learn. Or re-learn in this case. 

My favorite is the Voodoo lily. Both for the name and the growth pattern of the leaves.
Laurel fig
Bamboo palm
Voodoo lily
Unidentified cycad - dinosaur food from the Cretaceous period

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