March 6, 2013

Live & Learn

Yes, I persevered and finished the hat! The visor made it on there. Somehow. And, yes, the instructions are correct AND physically possible. If a bit awkward, at least for me and my hands. After many false starts and pulling out many (many) stitches, the visor attached to hat beautifully. How? I don't think I can recreate in words how. It required a full suspension of disbelief on my part. I can say that if you attempt to knit the stitches in an order different than specified by the pattern, the visor will either be upside down or inside out or both.

I wrote to Cascade Yarns where someone graciously replied to tell me the pattern gauge is 5 stitches per inch and the circumference of the hat is approximately 21 inches. My calculations were pretty on the mark. The hat fits my head comfortably. BUT. But, I forgot to take into account that if my stitches would increase the hat circumference to 24 inches then they would also increase the height of the hat. Unfortunately, this (logical) phenomenon did not become apparent to me until I reached the crown of the hat, where one begins to decrease to close the top of the hat. I tried to make up the difference in the crown, but it didn't quite cut it. As a result, the hat is more slouchy than I like. 

Round 3 of odd bird vs. hat is scheduled for sometime later this week.

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