March 29, 2013


The snow that fell earlier this week has all but disappeared. A few crusts remain in the deepest shadows. The sun that has been shining for the past three days has lulled me to think Spring might finally be here in reality, not just on the calendar. Which makes me want to start seeds. But I'm not sure what we will be able to tend this year. What with house renovations, moving house, mole hills, and all. So many mole hills in our new yard we've begun calling the house Mole Manor, Mole Hill, Mole Hill House, etc. There might be some voles down there, too. So before cutting in a garden plot and building a TALL fence around it (oh so many deer), the under ground critters need to be attended to. Whatever that might entail. 
Even though I've been cutting back on the seeds this week in an attempt to wean my friends, the red winged blackbirds have commandeered the feeder. They sit on the feeder, gorging, and chasing off the other birds. 

But they don't frighten this guy. Pictured below, in the center of the shot, is a great blue heron. There are 6 ponds on our rental property. As I walked the trails, each time I passed the heron it would take to the sky and fly to the next out of sight pond. By the time I went back to the house for my camera, the poor thing was thoroughly spooked. I couldn't get very close for a decent picture.
It's not all nature walks around here. I finished a new batch of card wallets, half for Art Shop, half for Etsy (although I still have one left to post to Etsy...) Speaking of Art Shop, I'm due to staff the store in less than an hour. Gotta run. Have a great weekend!

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