March 23, 2013

To Do or Not to Do

To do lists. I am one of those people with multiple to do lists. And now that we are renovating a house, there's the long-term house to do list, the wants and dreams house to do (or not to do) list, and the do this week at the house list. And the home improvement store shopping list. As far as I'm concerned any shopping list is a to do list. Especially since around here most any shopping requires a lot of driving. Shopping lists based on geographic location and proximity to other stores where items need to be fetched grow until they reach critical mass and warrant the the drive time and gasoline consumption. Consequently, shopping is a major undertaking. Checking acquired items off the shopping list can be more gratifying than checking completed tasks off the traditional to do lists.

Then there's the to do list items that get shunted to next week's list. Again and again and again. Inevitably, it's the one thing on the list that I really want to do. Lately this has been getting in the studio to sew. It's on the list every week, every day of the week, actually, and yet there never seems to be time to make it happen. Why is this? I don't think I'm the only one with this problem. (Am I?)

Finally, what got me into the studio? Making soup, of course. Cream of celery soup. As I was about to put the chopped off bases of the celery bunches in the kitchen compost bin, I noticed they looked like flowers. Naturally, I had to see what they looked like stamped.                    
Perhaps the first ink pad to hand was an unfortunate color, but I like them. They do kinda look like flowers, don't you think?

Once in the studio, one thing led to another. And a couple hours later I pieced together a bunch of card wallets from parts that have been neglected since December. Then began planning new wallets with the latest influx of fabric from my source in Indiana. The combo in the last picture is my favorite. The flowered upholstery fabric will be on the outside, lined with the plaid fabric. Those colors and patterns together make me happy. Giddy, almost. To do lists be damned. It's studio time.


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    1. Thanks, Roya! The celery thanks you, too. I almost stopped in the midst of making dinner last night to print the lettuce core. Hunger won out, though.