March 11, 2013

Weekend Warrior

Here's hoping the productivity of the weekend spills over into the week. 

I'm happy to report that I successfully slogged through an entire year's worth of credit card bills, combing for out-of-state and online transactions as well as the Hubbers's work related expenses. Then puzzled out the out-of-state transactions on which we owe Ohio sales tax (I hope you are happy state of Ohio, my hours of diligence netted you $12.17), and retroactively determined which of Jon's expenses were reimbursed and which were not. Woah. Look out. This odd bird is having WAY too much income tax fun.

To balance out the taxing good times, I steeled myself and frogged the hat all the way to the lowest band, where it folds under and attaches to the main body of the hat. Reworking it to size went surprisingly fast. I cut 15 rows from the main body of the hat then proceeded with my truncated crown. After weaving in the ends and blocking it I am hopeful it will be a perfect fit.

Made another pillow cover from upholstery scraps and received word that my first fabric donation from Renovation Station, an upholstery shop in Liberty, Indiana, is ready for pick up. Also scored 25 yards of unbleached muslin virtually free. ($1.99/yd + 50% off coupon + $25 gift card!) Fingers crossed it won't kill the washing machine during it's pre-wash, pre-shrink before turning it into semi-transparent panels for the 16 foot wide window in our new family room.

Also spent a good deal of time at the house prepping walls, choosing paint colors, removing bizarre outlets and wall speakers, moving demolition materials to the garage, and picking up about 2 years worth of downed sticks and branches from the yard.

Now, in store for the week: finish the taxes, make curtain panels, make more pillow covers, create publicity for two Art Shop events, prepare a submission to GreenCraft Magazine, and never ending wall prep at the house.

What's on your agenda?

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