April 17, 2013

Auditions: Take 2

Another stitch hopeful for future bathmats, again from Super Stitches Knitting by Karen Hemingway, waffle stitch. As with the gooseberry stitch, waffle seems better suited to a stretchy fiber rather than cotton. The yellow sample above is cotton, the blue sample below is stretchy acrylic. I like the appearance of the blue sample better than the yellow. Acrylic, however, is not a good choice for a bathmat. It's not absorbent. Nor is it pleasant to knit. Too scratchy and plasticky feeling.
The gooseberry sample is off the needles and will most likely become a pillow cover.
But what if it were a clutch? Something like the picture below with a fastener along the top edge. I never think of making handbags. I'm not a handbag kinda girl. Even just the sound of the word "purse" makes me cringe. Backpack, yes. Messenger bag, yes. Tote bag, yes. Clutch, purse, handbag, resounding no. But would a handbag loving gal like a wacky, textured knit clutch? Any handbag lovers out there want to weigh in? 

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