April 8, 2013


I'm trying out new (to me) stitch patterns for bath mats. After all, we are moving from a house with 1 bathroom to a house with 2.5 baths. More bathrooms, more bathmats. More bathmats, more excuses reasons to knit. 

This bobbled, textured stitch caught my attention because it looks like it would be a.) absorbent, b.) dry easily and c.) feel great under bare feet. I pictured it in multiple strands of cotton, knit on big needles. Pictured - past tense - because I am finding that this pattern would be better suited and easier to work with a yarn that has some give, rather than non-stretchy cotton. Perhaps t-shirt yarn?

But first, I need to finish my sample. I had intended to add it to my ever growing dish rag collection, but it is far too wide. So what shall it be? I have a few ideas, but they could change as the sample grows...

This is the gooseberry stitch found in Super Stitches Knitting by Karen Hemingway. You can also find the pattern here.

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