April 10, 2013


The temperature inched past 80F yesterday. At 6:30pm the thermometer read 81. All evening plans were chucked in favor of sitting on the porch and grilling.

Corn on the cob, a heaping pile of grilled veggies drizzled with balsamic vinegar, warm crusty bread, marinated grilled chicken for the Hubs, Great Lakes Brewing Rye of the Tiger IPA, candlelight, frog song, balmy breezes, good company, and meandering conversation. Absolutely lovely. (I find it funny that I use the word "lovely" often when I write, but I hardly ever - perhaps never - speak it. Do you have words like that?)

The hand-painted tealight holders are so cheery, I love them. When visiting from France last September, our friend's parents spent an evening on our porch, much like last evening. We used my grandmother's daisy glasses for water that night. Back in France, Arlette painted the tealight holders for us based on her memory of the daisy glasses. So thoughtful and sweet.

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