April 26, 2013

Random Stuff

I haven't yet decided on a bathmat design, but this is a test sample of the design for a kitchen rug. Granted, the kitchen is still an empty shell. A filthy, empty shell, at that. Which means I have plenty of time to work up a 20 x 40 inch rug in stripes of sage green and buttery yellow (like this) for in front of the sink.
I know I shared a picture of these over on Facebook, but I can't remember if I showed them here. What you're looking at are a couple of fan blade brackets from a ceiling fan. I got 4 of them for $1.00 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I plan to use them as crescent moon curtain tie backs. Curtain design and room designation remain to be determined.
We had a spectacular rainbow in our yard the other day. Yes, actually in our yard. It arched from the field next door to the southern-most meadow on our side of the fence. As the sun was approaching the horizon in the west, this was the view to the east. I have never before seen a rainbow so intensely colored. What the camera couldn't capture is the base of the rainbow. We could clearly and distinctly see the bands of color extend to the ground in front of the neighbor's tree line. I wonder, do rainbows universally induce happiness? They always, always make me happy. Happy weekend to you!

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