April 2, 2013


Busy, busy, busy. Good busy. Lots of renewal going on. Home renovations, spring cleaning, seed sewing, garden prep, business-keeping (like house keeping)... 

Speaking of business keeping, you may have noticed I occasionally post links to business resources on facebook. There is also a list links to resources in the right margin of this here blog. I plan to collect all these random shout-outs into one or two future blog posts so all that rich information is in one easily accessible place. And will eventually add the links permanently to the list in the margin.
Despite first sprouting in early January and being subjected to temperatures fluctuating between balmy and frigid, the daffodils are alive and well and ready to burst into flower.
Our landlords have pruned their orchard and prepped their asparagus bed in our (soon to be former) back yard.
A sure sign of Spring, laundry on the line. I try to hang laundry outside in winter, but without much success this past season. Too damp most of the time. 
The compost fared well over winter, never developing more than a surface freeze. We're looking for  compost bin plans for reusing pallet lumber to build our own composter at our new house. (I'm pretty sure I've posted links to compost plans, too, on facebook.)
The pot of Russian sage did not fare so well over winter. Time to pick out a permanent, in ground home for the sage at the new house.
Onions sprouting.
Grilled Welsh cheddar on challah bread with roasted red pepper hummus, shredded carrots, and raisins to renew my energy for an afternoon of cleaning.

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