May 24, 2013

Garden Dreaming

Sadly, it appears my beans that were growing like gangbusters are suffering from root rot. And all the other seedlings look like they have stopped growing. Poor little things. It's not their fault. I've been a neglectful plant care provider in favor of spending every possible minute on house renovations. I suppose I should have known there wouldn't be time this season for a garden, but I was so hopeful it would work out. Not so this time. Sorry little plants. We'll try again next year, OK?
In the meantime, after we finish the reno and moving, we have 2 acres of wooded and landscaped space to clean up and/or tear out. We have 3 categories of garden at the house: overgrown, overrun by weeds, and dead or dying. The fourth challenging factor is my total ignorance for plant identification. Is it invasive? Is it decorative? What kind of plant is it? Does it need to be moved to a more hospitable location? Etc, etc, etc. Add gardening and plant id to my list of things I want to learn. As well as learning about the native plants in our part of Ohio. I'd like to eventually turn our yard into a a happy permaculture.
The big, bushy, overgrown tangle in the foreground of the first picture has these little yellow flowers scattered throughout. The flowers are about the size of my thumb. Anyone know what it is?
And what about these flowers? On slender stalks about 3 feet high, in shades of purple and lavender. 

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