May 13, 2013

Morning Fog

I aspire to be one of those people who bound out of bed in the morning, fully alert and functional. You know, one of those chipper, cheerful types that I find especially irritating as I stumble about in my morning fog. 

I'm not even sure this is something one can change. I've tired forcing myself out of bed directly into the shower with hopes that the water will feel invigorating. What inevitably happens is that I find myself standing under the water 5 - OK, more like 10 - minutes later with absolutely no idea if I have washed my hair yet. Forget about communicating coherently. Grunts will have to suffice for another half hour.

This transition from sleeping to wakefulness is a slow process. What I prefer to do is burrow deeper in the bed clothes, fully protected from the wakening world, and allow my thoughts to slowly morph from dreams to broken images to the caboose on a train of thought to a full train of thought that plans out my day. Then, and only then, is it safe to abandon bed.

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