May 9, 2013


Sometimes it's good to check in on progress being made in the various arenas of our lives. It provides assurance that things are indeed, well, progressing. I all too easily loose sight of forward momentum and completed tasks amidst the chaos of works in process, ideas for new projects, visualization of completed projects, projects I'd rather be working on than the one at hand, etc. etc. etc. 

Todays assessment, among other things, is inspired by the state of the filthy, empty shell of a kitchen into which we must move next month, the need to get said kitchen finished before that time, the need to actually start packing (packing? um, packing isn't part of my projected timeline of events. eek!), and the completely ignored state of all things Odd Bird Studio. Which is a long winded way of saying panic.

So, progess. Right. Focus on progress.
1. Just found out this morning that my submission to GreenCraft Magazine was accepted and will appear in August's publication. I am very excited! Yes, this necessitates more work on my part, but I'll take Odd Bird progress where I can get it these days. Even passive progress is progress.

2. Speaking of passive progress, our plants are growing nicely. Even if I haven't got around to re-potting them and moving them outside. They don't mind. Yet. The avocado has especially bursted forth in the past few days. Click here for what it looked like in December.
3. The kitchen rug is nearly half completed. One square down, one to go. I envision a denim backing that wraps around the front a bit to create a border and provide stability to the knit. This thing is just so cushiony. I love touching it and squeezing it. I'd rather snuggle with it than put it on the floor and walk on it. As pictured below, it just so happens to be the perfect size to make a cover for my big floor pillows. Hmmm....
4. Bought a Husqvarna chainsaw. Have yet to decide on a sewing machine, but considering that no sewing is getting done, that's OK.

5. The big project. The house. The source of all panic. Well, we're done with the demolition stage. That's something. After clean-up, the rebuilding will go fast. Right? (Have I said pleaded this somewhere before?)

On that note, recalcitrant wallpaper paste is calling my name.  Sadly, it won't come off the walls all by itself. I  tell ya, we're going to have the nicest walls around. All the other walls in the neighborhood are going to be jealous.


  1. Don't panic!!! Hopefully this little bumpy period will smooth out soon .... and you'll be able to enjoy your gorgeous new rug in your shiny new kitchen :-)

    Great news on your GreenCraft acceptance - that's such wonderful news - congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I'm trying to think of it as being at the bottom of one of your heaps of clothing that needs to be processed for quilt making. If I can focus my efforts on one thing at a time, I'll be out from under the pile before I know it, sitting on that lovely bench of yours in the bright sunshine. Deep breathing helps, too.