May 6, 2013

Wall? What Wall?

Look at all that light pouring through the window behind the 2x4s! Below is the "before," with the wall, wallpaper, and floor tiles still in place.
Here it is again. Luscious sunlight without a wall blocking it from entering the kitchen. And rumor has it that as of this morning the pantry closet to the right of the shot has been destroyed as well. Leaving us with a great, big, open, sun-filled rectangle of a room.
The Hubbers did a wonderful job, didn't he? My wall destruction contribution amounted to removing the hinges from the 2 doorways, taking the shelves and shelf supports out of the pantry, and reminding the Hubbers to preserve enough drywall to patch the 4 remaining speaker holes in the walls. And moral support, of course.

Next up in the kitchen: wallpaper paste removal, serious wall board repair to the sections that were behind the tile backsplash and the sections destroyed when removing the heavily glued in place chair rail, patching around the removed wall, painting, and then floor installation and sealing. Oh, I forgot a step. Building a half wall, ironically, a few inches from the location of the removed wall. Oh, yeah, and a bunch of rewiring. And shopping for appliances... and... 

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