June 24, 2013

Fiber Mail

#1 I love mail that isn't a bill or a solicitation
#2 I love fiber of all sorts
#3 I love a million the mail I just received, 4 skeins of Louet's Euroflax wet spun linen

In the midst of moving house it is completely natural to prepare for one's next knitting project, isn't it? With this one I join the ranks of of those knitters I once thought completely insane (and who I now know down to the marrow of my bones are dedicated, brilliant, creative fiber lovers). I mean, who in their right mind would take the time to knit a few utilitarian dishtowels - of all things - with $100 worth of yarn? Well, if doing so means one is wrong in the head, who would want to be right? (Yep, I'm a fiber goner. Isn't it wonderful?)
Image credit: © the Purl bee
Source: http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2013/6/16/whits-knits-slip-stitch-dishtowels.html
Look at at these lovelies. Just look. And salivate. 

Use that link above to visit the Purl bee for patterns for all 3 towels. Purl bee offers 2 colorways for the towels, the blue pictured and a natural blend. I had my heart set on two tones of yellow along with the cream, but the internet photos of the yarns made the yellows look too close in tone to work well. What I chose instead are 2 skeins of cream, 1 sea foam green, 1 hunter green. 

That I can't wait for our move to be over goes without saying, but what I really am looking forward to is working on these dishtowels during our upcoming Wisconsin road trip. I am a bad passenger at best, so having a project to distract myself - one that doesn't make me queasy - is a necessity.

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