June 11, 2013

Purple Skies

I am endlessly fascinated by the rapidly changing weather we experience here in SW Ohio. The mouth open and eyes wide kind of wonder you expect from children. New England did not have stormy days like the one pictured above. Sure, we had Nor'easters, but snow storms are joyful in comparison to the ominous threat of nearly black skies in the middle of the afternoon. That violet sky up there had me imagining the house being ripped from its foundations (perhaps just a fantasy since it would have put an end to the painting I was doing). Oddly - to me at least - that dark, dark sky didn't produce much rain at all. In the 4th picture from the top you can see the edge of the falling rain in the distance. It may have rained like the dickens a few miles away, but it didn't rain on me. I love that about the landscape here! You can clearly see the edge of a rainstorm. Trust me, this is mind boggling to someone who grew up surrounded by trees, hills and mountains; where the weather was something you felt, not something you could see coming across vast swaths of sky. Maybe that has something to do with the threatening feel of these skies. You can see the storm before it's effects are felt. The anxiety of anticipation. Regardless, five rain storms made for dramatic light effects all day long. It was quite beautiful despite being a bit scary.

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