June 7, 2013

Right Now

It does feel good to handle fabric. Even though my cutting table is still the laundry room floor and my studio/storage closet looks like a cyclone hit. And even though I should be finishing the drywall repairs at the house, attempting to clean away all the plaster dust, and preparing to paint. (Let's not even mention packing, OK?) Because if I was doing what I should be doing, I'd be all the more closer to having a functional studio with a *gasp* actual counter height work/cutting table and *fingers crossed* ample storage. But drywall repair does not restock my shelves at Art Shop. Which, thanks to a few lovely customers, need to be restocked. Now. So, between marathon bouts of spackle sanding, I retreat to my chaotic spot amidst the towering piles of fabric and sew a few card wallets. Time becomes irrelevant. All the things we need to finish at the house and all the moving details that need attention cease to exist. It's good to have an oasis, isn't it?

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