July 22, 2013

Cellar Dweller

The surroundings leave a little something to be desired, but OH! it is deliciously cool and dry. Setting up my temporary workspace in the basement might just be the first rational thing I've done in our new house. It's a whole different weather system down here. Easily 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the house and humidity blessedly only 50% (as compared to 90% +) with the hard working dehumidifier on the job. And it's oh so good to get making again.
Everything I need for a handful of new card wallets is right at my fingertips. And let me tell ya, driving the iron around on the steam setting down here in the cellar doesn't even provoke any sweat. Hallelujah!
A little preview of wallets coming to an Etsy shop near you once I get my photo "studio" set up. Somewhere. Ooh, I know. How about in the basement?

UPDATE: Dog Days of Summer
While talking to a friend shortly after posting the first of my Dog Days Recipes, completely out of the blue I asked her if she knew the origin of that expression. She immediately pulled out her book of phrases and fables (this is how you know you have the right friends) and looked it up. According to her book, ancient Romans referred to the period between mid-July and mid-August (I can't remember the exact dates) as dies caniculares. They attributed the sultry heat to Sirius, the dog star, which rises with the sun during this time period.

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