July 12, 2013

House on the Rock

Dim lighting. Extremely dim. Uneven footing and sloping floors. Lots and lots of carpeted surfaces - floors, walls, ceilings. A barrage of odors - dust, toast, cat pee. Twisting, labyrinthine paths through countless displays. Carousel horses by the hundreds. Armored elephant versus oversized armored men. Morality play dioramas with moving parts, inside gorgeous wood cases, from British Railway stations. Wagon wheels, wagon wheels, and more wagon wheels. The streets of yesterday, including an apothecary shop. Case upon case of curiosities and collections. Masks.  Marionettes. Cash registers. Mechanical, automated music machines. A rodent string quartet? A spinning carousel without a single horse. And just when you feel like you've surely reached the end, there's thousands more to see.

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