August 31, 2013

Greening the Bird

I was very excited the other day to discover a source for 100% recycled sewing thread. That sentence deserves multiple exclamation points to accurately convey my level of excitement. VERY EXCITED!!!!!!! How about a little song? "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!"

Why so excited? Odd Bird Studio is all about reducing waste by turning landfill rescues into usable goods. When waste material isn't available, recycled is the next best choice. It just makes sense. And now, because Gütermann offers their sew-all polyester thread in a 100% recycled version, spun from PET plastic bottles, I can replace regular thread on my sewn items with recycled thread. One bottle yields 1,000 meters of thread (that's nearly 1,100 yards to you and me). 
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Does it cost more? Yes and no. It costs roughly 3 times more than the Coats & Clark all-purpose thread I normally use, but it's the same price as the non-recycled Gütermann sew-all polyester. And from what I understand, Gütermann is the Cadillac of sewing thread. Improve the quality and eco-freindliness of Odd Bird Studio wares in one fell swoop? Heck, yeah! It comes in 50 colors, all available at Create for Less.
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I've been eyeing this pattern, Maude by Julie Weisenberger at Cocoknits, for quite some time. I bought the pattern yesterday, finally, because I found what I hope is the perfect yarn with which to knit it.
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This is Vita by Plymouth Yarn Company. Vita is a 100% recycled, worsted weight yarn in an 85% cotton, 15% cashmere blend, "spun from new designer label overruns." Vita is currently on sale at Webs, only $4.29 per skein (136 yds).

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